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Your Dreams Can Come True


Learn how to create, organize and manage your goals, and choose the best business structure that suits your circumstances and your industry.

Modules covered:

  • Module 1 : Develop and manage your business’ financial goals and key performances
  • Module 2: Select the business structure based on your needs and environment

Learning Objectives

  • Manage, organise and create your financial goals
  • Select the appropriate business structure for your business

Module 1: Manage, organise and create your financial goals

  • Link your personal goals to your business goals
  • Collect historical financial data or create projections
  • Develop financial goals which are SMART principles
  • Select financial performance goals using key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Set targets that will help you to measure and monitor your goals
  • Perform tasks that will be part of your operating system
  • Sustain your financial goals always

Module 2 : Determine the appropriate structure for your business

  • Know the different types of business structures
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each business structure
  • Differentiate income tax and legal considerations for each structure
  • Identify the structure appropriate in each industry
  • Use a checklist for setting up agreements for partnerships
  • Select the business structure appropriate for your needs

Who should attend?

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Directors
  • New Managers of Small Businesses

Tools and Templates

  • Financial Goals Template
  • Business Structure Considerations Checklist
  • Personal Profile
  • Network Resources
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Structure analysis and mitigation actions
  • Partnership Agreement Checklist
  • Association/Joint Venue
  • Shareholders 

Additional Resources

  • Daily Affirmations – “make believe”– auto suggestions
  • Goal Management System
  • SAICA Guide on Close Corporations
  • SAICA guide to the Companies Act – Special Resolution
  • N. Hill books
  • The Success Principle by Jack Canfield
  • The Millionaire Mindset by Gerry Robert
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