Finance Success Program Packages in South Africa
Finance Success Products Package


The Essential Finance Audio Book for business owners

The Essential Finance Audio Book for business owners

The Essential Finance Workfile

The Essential Finance workfile for business owners

Contains the content of the book, and is inclusive of client case studies, as well as checklists and tools candidates can use.

The Essential Finance Handbook For Business Owners

Finance The Essential Finance Handbook for business owners

This book is here to assist you as a business owner to manage and run your business financial performance effectively and efficiently, ensuring that it leads to the growth that you have set for it.

Business owners face various challenges each day, one of the main challenges being finance. Generally as business owners, we do not want to handle our finance matters. We would rather have someone else deal with them, whilst we focus on other aspects of our business. This is the biggest mistake you can ever make as a business owner. Business is about finance, every decision you make in business is a financial decision, and thus it is crucial for you to take control, gain knowledge and implement what you have learned to grow your business and capacity.

CD Inclusive of checklists, templates and ready to use tools:

Finance The Essential Finance Toolkit for business owners
  • Financial Goals Template
  • Business Structure Considerations Checklist
  • Action List to complete for your business before looking for partners or shareholders
  • Partnership Agreement Checklist and Template
  • Public Interest Score Calculator
  • Memorandum of Incorporation Checklists
  • Resolutions: Special Resolution Template, General Resolution Template
  • Consumer Protection Act - Compliance Checklist
  • Companies Act - Compliance Checklist
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act - Implementation Plan
  • Turnover Tax Quick Test for Individual and Companies.  
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