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Cash Flow

Precious Mvulane

By Precious Mvulane

Cash flow problem … is so big you can’t ignore it.

Yes we say our problem is cash flow. 

The problem you don’t know your working capital as result you run out of cash. 

Cash flow is just the result of your inability to plan and manage activities in your business. 

Your terms and conditions with customers are not matching with suppliers … you pay cash for suppliers and your customer pay after 30 days or even longer. 

You don’t plan your purchases.



1. Sell before you buy T. Harv Eker he taught me this 

2. Buy for credit not cash especially on your top 5 expenses 

3. Plan your purchases i.e. Budget 

4. Track every expenses everyday so that you can see where do you spent your money and how you earn the money 

5. Relook and tightened up your customer – Terms and conditions to reduce credit risks consider insurance and hand over debtors when they don’t pay. hashtag#cashflow hashtag#moneymanagement 

Lets earn money .

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  1. #cashflow great piece very liberating.Thank you!

  2. Thank you Precious, number 4 is for me i need to track and record on my daily expenses, i just found out that daily expenses they worth much than i anticipated

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