Finance Success Components

Finance Success Program consists of 5 main components as listed below

Your Dreams Can Come True

Learn how to create, organize and manage your goals, and choose the best business structure that suits your circumstances and your industry.

Mastering Basic Compliance

Mastering Basic Compliance covers the key roles you play as a Director, Employer, Taxpayer and Trader, as well as ensuring you are fully compliant within key structures and entities. 

How to Make Money in your Business

Learn how to differentiate and apply financial terminology, set up your financial structure and know who to appoint to assist you, calculate the costs involved and the selling prices of your products/services, and learn how to formulate different types of budgets and forecasts.

How to Keep Money in your Business

Learn how to identify the different functions of management and financial accountants, define the systems that will improve your cash flow, compute cash flow projections, identify the principles of internal controls, evaluate and apply internal controls at business level, learn how to present a statement of comprehensive income, analyse expenses by nature and by function, identify significant estimates, other judgements and relevant accounting policies relating to income statements.

How to Raise Money in your Business

Define your financial position and identify all your different assets and liabilities, know the difference between good debt and bad debt, understand the requirements for presenting a statement of financial position, identify significant judgements that are required in presenting a statement of financial position, identify accounting policies that influence the figures and notes on the financial position, comprehend general corporate information, learn how to pitch to a funder/investor, understand the 9 components of a pitch, complete a pitch template and identify the successful traits of a pitch.