You need to develop strategies and tactics that you will need to
achieve the goals. If you don’t know how to achieve a specific goal
or you feel you have tried everything but nothing materialises, then it
is time for you to create a plan on how to solve problems. Here is
my my way to solve a problem:
 Google specific subjects or issue where I have a problem
 Identify experts and read articles, watch video, etc.
 Get books, e-books or audio books.
 Attend business seminars and workshops.
As I read or listen to audio books, I make notes of ideas and
research them daily until I figure out strategies and actions to solve
the problem.
I also ask people around me to assist I don’t stop until I get answer
Never stop enquiring or sharing ideas. Do anything to find solutions
to your challenges, as long as you are not infringing any laws or
hurting anyone.
Keep on working on ideas and action 3 things daily. If things don’t
work out, don’t change the goal, but rather change actions. Work on
yourself. Always remember that you are the most valuable resource
in your business. You come first. You cannot build a sustainable
business if your mental, physical or emotional states are not
conformative. Personal development is the key to help you deal with

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